Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Recent Finished Stuff

Old Elmo Flannel Pants they finally fit her waist LOL

Kimberly Modeling the LTK Capri's no icord needed she's a chunko

Modeling a romper from Otto 3/07 #5 without the ruffles

Shirt for my cousin Logan whose birthday was the same day as Alex 8/11.

Alex's Birthday Shirt

I couldn't figure how to hoop it so i could get the paw higher up so it's half off the short leg :( hope it doesnt unravel i put a bunch of fray check on it. :(


  1. Hey that could be the new style! A half on half off embroidery! lol. Cute capris.

  2. That 'chick magnet' one is hysterical!